Thank God for the Fleas

Can you imagine circumstances that might convince you to thank God for the fleas? Here’s how two sisters in the Ravensbrück concentration camp found themselves in such a situation.

The Story of Your Life

Living life as an ongoing story adds an element of self-awareness that turns dull routine into an adventure.

The Hero’s Journey and You

The Hero’s Journey begins with the Hero in an everyday setting like yours. Then something happens, and the journey begins.

Finding Meaning in Suffering

“In some ways, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning,” wrote Dr. Viktor Frankl, who learned about turning tragedy into triumph in Nazi death camps. And in his timeless book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Dr. Frankl teaches his readers how to do the same. Internment, Tragedy, and Liberation Austrian neurologist … Continue reading Finding Meaning in Suffering

The Last Battle

The literary work featured in this Heart Floss exercise called “The Last Battle,” comes from the pen of English author, T. H. White (1906-1964). White wrote the concluding book of the five-book volume entitled “The Once and Future King” during World War II. And, as supposed, “The Book of Merlyn” focuses on an attempt to find an … Continue reading The Last Battle

The Way Home

The Running Man Gale E. Christianson describes the young Loren Eiseley as the running man in “Fox at the Wood’s Edge,” his biography of the multifaceted writer-anthropologist-philosopher. But Christianson writes that Eiseley somehow always found the road home. Actually, the running man epithet originated with Eiseley in his autobiography, “All the Strange Hours.” According to … Continue reading The Way Home

The Prayer

A Mother’s Prayer Leo Tolstoy’s short story entitled “The Prayer” tells of a young mother and her child who dies from a fatal disease. The mother vacillated between desperation and hope, while her son Kostya’s life ebbed away. She seldom slept. Mostly, she prayed. Several times a day she went to her bedroom to kneel … Continue reading The Prayer

Life Before Birth

Revolutionary Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Laing (1927-1989) mused speculatively in “The Facts of Life” about life before birth and how prenatal experiences might affect a person later in life. Like all of Dr. Laing’s work, his ideas, especially in the chapter entitled, “Life Before Birth,” aroused controversy. But in the years since its publication in … Continue reading Life Before Birth

The Pale Blue Dot

Astronomer Carl Sagan famously described the faint image of the Earth taken by the Voyager spacecraft from 3.7 billion miles away as a “pale blue dot.” This also became the title of his bestselling book that takes readers on an amazing adventure through the Solar System. The late astronomy expands on the pale blue dot … Continue reading The Pale Blue Dot

A Burnt-Out Case

This heart floss exercise takes us to a leper colony in the Congo region of Africa, the setting for Graham Greene’s novel, “A Burnt-Out Case.” The Novel Querry, the story’s central character, is a world-famous architect who emerges incognito from a riverboat at a Congo leper village having lost interest in all aspects of his … Continue reading A Burnt-Out Case


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